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Valid Proof is an agency focused on blockchain technology solutions and audits.

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Smart Contract Audit

A smart contract audit is an extensive analysis of solidity code. Valid Proof provides fast, thorough, affordable, and easy-to-understand smart contract security audit. We do manual, static, and dynamic solidity source code analysis.

Team KYC Verification

Team KYC is the act of revealing identifying information about the team online, such as their real name, ID, email, phone number. Valid Proof provides third party team verification to build trust and transparency in the community.

Token Launch Consulting

Have an idea for a project and can't figure out how to launch it or market it? Our experts will guide you through the entire process from idea to success!

How It Works?


Solidity Assessment

Line by line reviewal of the project code by the experts. Simulations to identify the back-door vulnerability.



Consulting the auditee with improvements and validation of outstanding issues.



Thorough and transparent reporting of the smart contract assessment. Deployment on our platform.

Why Us?

We deeply analyze the smart contracts line by line and cover the smart contracts with tests when developing for our clients

Audit reports with the recommendations how to fix the bugs and mitigate the risks delivered in ~ 6h up to 1 days

We fully utilize our developers to keep low prices for audits. At 799 USD for a complete audit, we are one of the most affordable audit providers on the market.

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